Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palin Kicks Off Tea Party Express Tour - Buses Attacked by Reid Supporters

The Tea Party Express has kicked off it's latest bus tour.  It started today in Search Light, NV, the hometown of Senator Harry Reid.  The tea party was expecting about 10,000 to show up in this very small town.  It is hard to tell exactly how many people showed up, but it is far more than the 1,000 that CNN's website is reporting. 

(Uh, that is more than 1,000 people CNN)

As the Tea Party Express buses were making their way counter protesters and Reid supporters threw eggs.  One of the buses was hit.  Gateway Pundit is saying that the counter protesters numbered about 35.  Also Andrew Breitbart reportedly also had eggs thrown at him when he was walking by the protestors.  Apparently the police were called on Breitbart by the protesters to say that he was inciting violence. 

So yeah, it is getting ugly out there. 

The Tea Party is supposed to continue tonight in Henderson, Nevada.  Ann Coulter is the keynote speaker.

photos from Gateway Pundit

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