Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liberal Logic - George Stephanopoulos Edition

It seems that George Stephanopoulos doesn't think politicians should be standing by principle. Congressman Stupak is standing by his pro life principles. Stephanopoulos’ view of Stupak’s stand is that he is committing “Mutiny” against the Democratic Party.

Oh, yeah George worked for President Clinton, no wonder he doesn't understand politicians standing by principle.


Teresa said...

The words Democrat and principles are not usually compatible with each other since Democrats normally give into their feelings. The Democratic Party is committing political suicide and Stupak is trying to keep the noose of his neck by standing on principle.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

These are the same morons that thought wearing a bunch of ribbons at the oscars would help people find a cure for AIDS. Maybe they should go back to sleeping in sewer grates to remind people that some people don't have homes to go to and get the hell out of my life.

Fredd said...

First George praises the Dems for having a spine and sticking with the president, because principles are worth fighting for, you see. Now, when it doesn't serve his liberal purposes, he maligns Stupak for standing by his.

As ol' Ma Richards would have said, 'poor George. He jes' cain't hep it; he was born with a silver flip flop in his mouth.'

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