Thursday, March 18, 2010

Senate Porkers

Many things are flying under the radar as we pay attention to the healthcare debate that is currently in the house.  One of these is the fact that Sen. DeMint put forth a bill that would ban earmarks for one year in all legislation.  We are in major debt and it just keeps getting worse.  The least our government should do is to have an open and transparent process of where the money is going, not sticking in earmarks at the last minute, which means many senators don't even know what they are voting on nor is there any debate on if the money should be spent on that particular thing.  Here is how the vote went:

Senate Vote On 1-Year Earmark Moratorium

Yes = Supported Earmark Ban

No = Opposed Earmark Ban

Republican Hall of Shame

Alabama: Sessions (R), Yes --- Shelby (R), No

Alaska: Begich (D), No --- Murkowski (R), No

Arizona: Kyl (R),Yes --- McCain (R), Yes

Arkansas: Lincoln (D), No --- Pryor (D), No

California: Boxer (D), No --- Feinstein (D), No

Colorado: Bennet (D), No --- Udall (D), No

Connecticut: Dodd (D), No --- Lieberman (I), No

Delaware: Carper (D), No --- Kaufman (D), Yes

Florida: LeMieux (R), Yes --- Nelson (D), No

Georgia: Chambliss (R), Yes --- Isakson (R), Yes

Hawaii: Akaka (D), No --- Inouye (D), No

Idaho: Crapo (R), Yes --- Risch (R), Yes

Illinois: Burris (D), No --- Durbin (D), No

Indiana: Bayh (D), Yes --- Lugar (R), No

Iowa: Grassley (R), Yes --- Harkin (D), No

Kansas: Brownback (R), Yes --- Roberts (R), No

Kentucky: Bunning (R), No --- McConnell (R), Yes

Louisiana: Landrieu (D), No --- Vitter (R), Yes

Maine: Collins (R), No --- Snowe (R), No

Maryland: Cardin (D), No --- Mikulski (D), No

Massachusetts: Brown (R), Yes --- Kerry (D), No

Michigan: Levin (D), No --- Stabenow (D), No

Minnesota: Franken (D), No --- Klobuchar (D), No

Mississippi: Cochran (R), No --- Wicker (R), No

Missouri: Bond (R), No --- McCaskill (D), Yes

Montana: Baucus (D), No --- Tester (D), Didn't Vote

Nebraska: Johanns (R), Yes --- Nelson (D), No

Nevada: Ensign (R), Yes --- Reid (D), No

New Hampshire: Gregg (R), No --- Shaheen (D), No

New Jersey: Lautenberg (D), No --- Menendez (D), No

New Mexico: Bingaman (D), No --- Udall (D), No

New York: Gillibrand (D), No --- Schumer (D), No

North Carolina: Burr (R), Yes --- Hagan (D), No

North Dakota: Conrad (D), No --- Dorgan (D), No

Ohio: Brown (D), No --- Voinovich (R), No

Oklahoma: Coburn (R), Yes --- Inhofe (R), No

Oregon: Merkley (D), No --- Wyden (D), No

Pennsylvania: Casey (D), No --- Specter (D), No

Rhode Island: Reed (D), No --- Whitehouse (D), No

South Carolina: DeMint (R), Yes --- Graham (R), Yes

South Dakota: Johnson (D), No --- Thune (R), Yes

Tennessee: Alexander (R), No --- Corker (R), Yes

Texas: Cornyn (R), Yes --- Hutchison (R), No

Utah: Bennett (R), Didn't Vote --- Hatch (R), Yes

Vermont: Leahy (D), No --- Sanders (I), No

Virginia: Warner (D), No --- Webb (D), No (lucky me)

Washington: Cantwell (D), No --- Murray (D), No

West Virginia: Byrd (D), Didn't Vote --- Rockefeller (D), No

Wisconsin: Feingold (D), Yes --- Kohl (D), No

Wyoming: Barrasso (R), Yes --- Enzi (R), Yes

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