Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Western Version of Tiger Mothers

This woman is now under investigation for child abuse.  She forces him to hold hot sauce in his mouth while she is screaming at him.  She then forces him to undress and put him into a cold shower, while he is screaming.  This little boy was adopted from Russia.  There has been talk that older children from Russia sometimes have behavioral problems.  But, that certainly doesn't make what she is doing OK.

Apparently, it doesn't seem that this behavior rises to the point of criminal child abuse, and child social services have left him and the other five children in the home with her.  She has four biological children and twins that have been adopted from Russia.  She has been charged, but most experts agree that she will not be found guilty. 

She also has admitted to spanking him and forcing him to do jumping jacks until he drops from exhaustion.  Wow, she sounds lovely.   Wish I had mom like that!!

Obviously these things are not working with this child, it is very possible he needs more hugs rather than Tabasco or cold showers.  If you are doing these types of things and it isn't changing behavior, it is time to get professional help, not continuing to burn the inside of your kids mouth.  Seriously, what is wrong with people? 


LL said...

At the risk of sounding abusive and politically incorrect, I'd like to subject the mother to the same sort of treatment that she inflicts on her children. As part of our social experiment, somebody needs to stand by with a stopwatch and see how long it takes her to report ME to the police.

And that's really the point, isn't it?

The Conservative Lady said...

That video is hard to watch. I believe in disciplining children when they've misbehaved (hey, I went to 12 years of Catholic school), but there are more humane ways of doing it than burning a kid's mouth with hot sauce and throwing them in a cold shower. I think LL has a good point.

Just a conservative girl said...

From the reports she doesn't treat her five other children in this manner. So that would lead one to believe that he is child that acts out. The one thing that I give her credit for is that she reached out for help. Now, it was with Dr. Phil, but help all the same. She and the boy need some sort of professional intervention. I hope that she gets it. Because these methods are not working nor are they healthy for that little boy. With that type of treatment the problems will more than likely get worse.

It is sad. But I think a therapist that specializes in children with behavorial problems will do this family a world of good. It will the boy and help the mom find better ways to deal with it.

LL said...

Cons. Girl - I have a real THING about child abuse. And yes, there is a difference between corrective discipline and child abuse - but this sort of treatment is bound to lead to MORE problems for the child.

Abusers often single one child out for punishment while the others are cowed into submission. I have seen it myself while a police officer and believe that it should be stopped and the offender dealt with in whatever way the court sees fit.

As a detective, I could never be assigned to these types of cases because of my personal feelings toward these types of people.

Just a conservative girl said...

I would hope that virtually everyone has a thing about child abuse. I cannot imagine being a cop and seeing what parents do to their own children. I have friend who was married to cop and her husband got involved in some horrific case, and he was never the same. Divorce soon followed.

I understand what you are trying to say about singling out one child, but in this case it is the youngest. If she didn't behave this way with the older children the chances are she isn't a serial abuser, she is just has no clue on how to deal with a difficult child. Again, I am not excusing what she has done. I am just saying that what she and the child need is help, not jail time. If she does go to jail and that boy ends up in a different home, he may not be forced to take cold showers, but his behavioral problems won't stop. He needs intervention before his problems are so severe that they will be almost impossible to change.

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