Saturday, February 19, 2011

Herman Cain & Tea Party Converges on Wisconsin Capitol to Support Governor Walker

The Tea Party has the Governor's back.  There should be no surprise that this was going to happen.  Governor Brown campaigned on these issues.  He was very straight-forward about what his plan was and what it would involve. 

The unions need to stop lying to people.  They are not being asked to lose any pay or lose any benefits.  They will only be asked to pay a larger percentage of their benefits.  They will still be paying lower than average amounts. 

I have also heard people say that the governor didn't do enough to negotiate with the unions.  I have one question for them.  How exactly do you negotiate with people who last summer allowed people to be laid off because they were unwilling to give up their insurance coverage of Viagra? 

H/T Another Black Conservative for Cain Video

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