Saturday, February 26, 2011

If Obama Loses WaPo Does the Rest of the Country Follow?

Is President Obama losing WaPo? They don't seem all too thrilled with how he is handling the situation in Libya.

Mr. Obama has spoken only once in public about the Libyan crisis. He has yet to condemn Mr. Gaddafi by name. He has not called for an end to the regime. He has expressed concern about protecting U.S. citizens - most of whom were evacuated from Libya on Friday - but has showed no intention of protecting the Libyans whom Mr. Gaddafi is slaughtering. The White House appears content to allow France and other nations to take the lead. But the reality is that as long as the president of the United States remains passive, the help Libyans are begging for will not come.
Not only did they go after the president, they also spoke some truth about the U.N.

But by late Friday the most notable measure he had announced was the dispatch of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for a discussion at the feckless and discredited U.N. Human Rights Council - on Monday
Wow! That is a sentence that will make the heart of any conservative go all a flutter. While I am sure that they wouldn't want to go as far as I would and stop giving our hard-earned tax dollars to an organization that is Anti-Semitic among many other things. The United Nations has become a joke. The fact that they Libya on the council for human rights says everything that anyone needs to hear. They have long ago walked away from the original charter (which I fully support) and have fallen to corruption and bigotry to do its business.

It seems that President Obama has decided that he is going to follow behind the U.N. and Nato. Two organizations that can't seem to do much of anything unless the U.S. leads. So, I guess the people of Libya will continue to be slaughtered in the streets until Obama figures out what should be as plain as the nose on his face. He wanted to be the leader of the free world, so isn't it time that he stands up and leads?

Read the whole piece here, you won't be disappointed.


RightKlik said...

Like a broken clock.

Opus #6 said...

Must have had a bad batch of Kool Aid.

Quite Rightly said...

Libs have long lived in a la-la-land world in which the U.S. would always be the invincible superpower that could be attacked from within and without and yet magically -- using the brains and bodies of the Conservatives they despise and regard as simpleminded -- protect those Libs' lives, property, and freedom to be anti-American.

Some of these jokers have undoubtedly noticed that bad things start happening to them as the U.S. pursues a policy of impotency. Some of the Libs I know are scratching their heads and wondering: "Why do I find myself agreeing with those simpleminded Conservatives about this (or that) issue? What's wrong with me?" Sooner or later, that will turn into: "How can I publicly agree with Conservatives about certain issues without appearing simpleminded?"

I think we'll see more and more fishing around by Libs to find some issue that will answer that problem. It won't be easy, because they have painted themselves into a corner with the same tar they've been throwing at every Conservative and Conservative belief.

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