Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Hope She Isn't an English Teacher


LL said...

I think that she's very likely an English teacher - there rioting for more money.

The_Kid said...

As I always say, if you can't make it int he real world, become a teacher.

And yes, there are plenty of fine teachers out there.

But, my boss was telling me about his wife's(she's a teacher) friend who is also a teacher doing her final for her Master's and she wanted my boss's wife to proof read her thesis paper. My boss said it was so bad that there was simply nothing they could say about it without destroying the person. Run on sentences, bad grammer, conflicting statements, about as bad as you could get. So they gave it back to her as is. She turned it in an got her Masters.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Kid, I am starting to think that the whole Master's thing is a scam to make money for the universities. I have not seen much proof that having a masters on top of a Bachelor's makes you a better teacher. I'd rather go back and get a second Bachelor's degree in history to go the English Degree I already have. But unless the pay schedule changes I have to get a master's degree unless I want to top out at $40K a year.

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