Monday, February 7, 2011

The Minions Speak Up about a Sucess Story

PJ Mom posted about a letter written in The Washington Post about the school voucher program.  Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I have written about school choice many times and about the scholarship program in DC in particular.  This is an issue that I am very passionate about.  My feelings are that there is not point in saving our country if the next generation is a bunch of idiots.  Our failing public school systems is a issue of both national and economic security.  We cannot stay competitive on the world stage if our young are not educated. 

Let's take a look at the comments to this very thoughtful letter of a proud mom and her newly confident daughter.  A daughter that is now applying for college, something that her family didn't think was possible only five short years ago:

Great. Now what about those kids who are left behind, in schools with even less money and even less support? Parents who are working three jobs just to get by, and can't afford to send their kids to private schools even with the vouchers? Kids who are atheists or of minority religions in an area where the only private schools are religious? Are those kids less important, less deserving than Jerlisa?

How about we try to make education work for EVERY kid, not just those fortunate enough to get a voucher and to be able to make up the difference between the voucher and the private school's tuition?
The children remaining in public schools are not losing money, they don't need money for students that are not there.  The public schools still get just as much money per student as they would without the voucher program.  My answer is close down every failing public school in DC and give them all vouchers.  We would save money and give these kids a better education.  What this woman is really saying is that no one deserves a better education.  All the kids in the DC public school system should fail.  I guess with liberal logic that is fair. 

The government is in the business of supporting the government. Any diversion of funds to the people is wrong and immoral. Those $7500 should have been given to the teachers union where it would have been properly spent on political contributions to keep the whole game going. Any expenditure of education funds on children is a complete waste and probably illegal
I am hoping that this is snark. 

These voucher schemes are nothing more than an attempt to starve public education.

At at time when our public schools (as well as state and local governments nationwide) are facing unprecedented cutbacks and budget slashings, we should be focused on how to provide more resources for our public schools and our children, not less.

Public education is to provide education to ALL students - not just a few. It is time for home schoolers, private schoolers, right-wingers, and other Anti-public school zealots to stop their full-scale assault on public schools and to stop trying to rob public schools of much needed funds and students.
See, I think it is time that union leaders and far left liberals stop forcing children into bad school systems and failing them at every level.  Why do we have teenagers that only read at elementary school levels?  The public school system is not working in every area of the country.  They just don't.  Instead of throwing good money after bad, lets fix the problems.  How many kids are we going to fail with this logic?  We gave the unions and the department of education 4 decades to improve our schools.  They are not getting better, matter of fact we are falling further behind.  How many more decades to keep to a failing plan in order to make the unions happy?  I guess forever to some. 

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