Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Ironies of the Union Protests in Wisconsin

The left is always talking about "fairness" yet the teachers are taking notes from doctors saying they are sick when they are not.  If they are too sick to go to work why are they standing out in the cold? 

Doctors are putting their hard earned licenses on the line in order to give fake notes to people who want them to pay for their pensions and health insurance.

The left are carrying signs that are talking about violent rape of conservative women and Fox News reporters.  I thought it was the tea party that are the violent ones? 

The president feels that he needs to get involved in state budget issues when his last budget does nothing to lower the debt of the federal budget.

The teachers feel the need to tell their students only one side of what is going on with the state budget issues.  I thought it was their job to teach the kids to think critically? 

If the legislators in Wisconsin have said they may be out of state for "weeks".  If they make enough to stay on the lam for that long, I am thinking they are overpaid. 

Why was it that when Obama was elected with big majorities the Republicans were told that they "won", but the legislators in Wisconsin think it is ok to behave like spoiled children? 

Have the teachers not figured out that they will still be paying less for benefits and pensions than the average person does? 

Collective bargaining is not a right.  Where exactly in the constitution does it say they have that "right"? 

Teachers have said they are doing this for the kids, why then are the schools being closed down? 

Are the students still going to be agreeing with the teachers when they are still in school in late June? 

The school systems in Wisconsin are rated at C-.  The tax payers should be paying for the majority of their benefits when they are barely average?

The average salary and benefits packages for the teachers in WI is six figures.  I looked up the rent for a two bedroom luxury apartment in Green Bay, it is $820 per month. 

Elections have consequences.  The Governor campaigned on these issues, the people of Wisconsin voted him.  Apparently they are OK with what he is trying to do. 

Why is that the unions are busing in people from other areas of the country, but are still calling The Tea Party astro-turf? 


Quite Rightly said...

"Doctors are putting their hard earned licenses on the line in order to give fake notes to people who want them to pay for their pensions and health insurance."

You know, a number of the doctors who are so enthusiastically and publicly handing out fake sick slips teach medicine. (Their bios are posted on the Web.) I wonder what else they are falsifying. And I also wonder who taught them that it is okay to falsify--their teachers in medical school, perhaps?

Deekaman said...

Excellent points, all of which I am sure the Lefties have some answer for that begins with "But Bush...".

hometown guy said...

The question of what concessions the unions should make is totally separate from the question of whether collective bargaining should be eliminated altogether for public sector employees.
Even Chris Christie believes public sector employees should have collective bargaining rights. they are an important part of our system of self-government.
The WI unions have already agreed to all the concessions the governor is asking for.

Just a conservative girl said...

Chris Christie is wonderful in many ways, that doesn't mean I agree with everything that he says or does.

Please explain to me how public sector unions is an important part of self goverance.

Do you mean because the hard earned money of the people who are forced to pay dues is used to elect democrats? Not really a selling point to me. Unions have done so much damage to the political system in this country is is truly scary. They buy politicians.

The biggest fear that unions have in WI is the fact that will become a right to work state and then they won't have as much money to help buy elections. That is what this all about. Not for the average teacher who is out there, but for the union leaders. This about power, it isn't about the teachers and more importantly, it isn't about the kids. If the unions cared about the kids as much as they did about power we would have a much better school system in this country. They are not interested in reform. There are plenty of very good teachers out there, but they get a bad name because of the union leaders. In the long run, it will return creditability to their profession if they unions are less powerful.

I live in a right work to state, we have one of the best school systems the country.

Deekaman said...

There is a fundamental conflict of interest in the ability of the unions to provide political support to the people who sign their paycheccks and determine their raises, work rules and benefits. The opportunity for corruption abounds and that corruption exists.

There are plenty of Civil Service protections in Wisconsin; there is no need for a Union to protect the worker.

hometown guy said...

Simple solution to the problem you outline above: reform campaign finance so neither unions nor corporations can donate to campaigns or even PACs.

campaign finance reform is one of the few areas people on both sides of the aisle can agree needs to be tackled, and no politician since John McCain and Russ Feingold has been willing to make a strong push for it.

Ending the influence of corporations AND unions in our electoral process is something we should all be working very hard for, and demanding of our representatives.

Deekaman said...

There is no commonality between "corporate influence" and the influence of public sector unions.

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