Friday, February 18, 2011

Should We Kill Off College Students Too? - Abortion Better than Raman Noodles

I pretty much remember every person I have known that has ever lived in a college dorm eating Ramen Noodles at some point or another. They are really cheap and most college students don't have a great deal of money. They also are not quite as picky as adults and will eat whatever it is that fills them up.

Should we just line them up and shoot them? I mean it is way too late to abort them, but maybe we can just kill them off one by one.

Gwen Moore, Dem from the great state of WI seems to think so. I mean eating Ramen Noodles seems to be a fate worse than death. I will be honest I avoid Ramen Noodles, the sodium content is too high for my taste. I am not a big salt eater. But if I had to make a choice between Ramen Noodles and abortion, I would take the noodles.

Just gotta love the liberal mindset. 

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