Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chris Christie on the New Reality - We Cannot Afford Union Benefits Anymore

I am not saying I want this man to run for president, but I do love how he just tells it like it is.   The gravy train is over.  It doesn't matter if you are in union or not, we all have to pay our share to get out of this mess.  While this police officer has put his life on the line to protect the people of New Jersey and for that we all should be grateful, but welcome to the real world.  The rest of us are paying more for insurance and many of us have not gotten a raise at all.  Some of us don't even have a job.  We cannot keep paying these high cost benefits to public service unions without them pitching to help with the costs.  Like I said, the gravy train is over.  The unions got so greedy and the sadly the states went along with it so now it is time to pay the piper. 

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The_Kid said...

Great video. Great communicator.

Some thoughts:

I have people telling me about their brother in the UAW who went ballistic when asked to pay all of 75 bucks a year to help with their HC costs.

We know the teachers unions are Absurd. Beyond description. Working 9 months a year beside.

The public has no sympathy for these union people. And it was and is the Union heads who stole their pension money. Even if the private sector wanted to help them (why??) There isn't enough money.

And the Unions support the Democrats who gave all their jobs away to China ! Clinton gave China the keys to America! The Irony !

There is going to be a lot more of this but it's going to come a lot more slowly than the tax increases and austerity measures being taken by Europe.

*Europe blames all this on us. Probably rightly so because at the heart of it is the Democrat free house for everyone plan that goes all the way back to the moron jimmy carter. Feel the tension with Europe. Especially as the imbecile in the WH gives them the bird. Because he's pissed off about the UK's involvement with Kenya. (He's not American, he's Kenyan !)

I think it's going to come down the unions against the private sector. The communist Democrats would love that. Class warfare.

Speaking of which, "Wall Street" just gave out the Largest Bonuses EVER. 135 Billion ! After the government gave them Trillions and Inflated OUR fuel, housing and energy costs. Gotta laugh or cry and I don't cry...

Jumpin Catfish !

It's going to get interesting.

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