Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Interesting Poll Numbers

PPP will be releasing some in depth polling tomorrow on the Republican cast of potential presidential nominees. 

While it is no secret that they are left leaning this particular poll only used republicans.  The numbers are interesting:

Most Republicans don't like Ron Paul.  He has his very fervent followers, but in general the run of the mill republican is not interested. His approval rating is at 30%. 

Republicans are not overly impressed with Donald Trump's decision to run for president.  His approval rate is at 29%.  Since everyone knows him, his numbers don't have much chance for improvement. 

Most republicans feel that Sarah Palin wouldn't be a bad vice president, but don't feel she is qualified for the #1 seat.  While she has high approval ratings among republicans, they just don't see her as presidential material.  Only 29% feel she is qualified for president, while 46% say she would make a good VP. 

Full poll will be released tomorrow. 


Chris Wysocki said...

I was just having a conversation along these with some conservative friends. Palin as VP in 2012 is very intriguing. Sure she was a "loser" in 2008, but a lot of that can be attributed to McCain.

And Nixon lost in 1960, but came back to win. Of course we don't want a complete rerun of Nixon...

With a strong presidential candidate (Chris Christie?) it makes sense to rerun Sarah Palin for VP. Her solid conservative credentials negate a lot of the complaints about Christie being "squishy" on social issues. And while he's cleaning up the fiscal mess in DC she can gain the experience necessary to move into the top job.

And really, can you just imagine the liberal apoplexy that will arise when TWO plain spoken politicians take to the airwaves on a daily basis?

Just a conservative girl said...

1. You are the first person from Jersey that wants Christie to run. Most say he really isn't what he appears to be.

2. I don't see Palin willing to take the #2. Wouldn't it be like a step down in a way?

I just don't see Christie running nor would I see that as a winning ticket. I also don't see the Palinistas being accepting of this arrangement. They don't like Christie because he doesn't fawn all over her.

Chris Wysocki said...

Well, I'm not saying that Christie *should* run. I'm just saying that out of the folks we have on the GOP bench he's the most qualified to tackle the fiscal problems we face.

And I know he can be a pretty persuasive guy. So if he chats Sarah up about the Veep slot, well..

I think the country is ready for some plain spoken leadership. No BS. Christie and Palin both fit that bill. Together they bring a lot of momentum to the table.

Now 2012 is a long ways off. Someone else could emerge as the front-runner. But please God, not Romney.

Just a conservative girl said...

You make some good points. Food for thought.

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