Friday, February 18, 2011

Student Protesters in WI

Here is a high school senior talking about the protests going on at the Wisconsin Capitol Building. 

Hmm, lets see.  Wisconsin schools are rated at about a C-.  He also talks about taxing the rich to pay for the benefits, this state is already one of the highest taxed states already.  The teachers are not going to be getting a pay decrease, all that they are being asked to do is to contribute to their benefits and pensions, otherwise their will be layoffs. 

He also is talking about how the Governor has caused these problems, he has only been in office for about a month.  This is something that existed before he got there. The former governor, a democrat, admitted before leaving office that spending cuts were mandatory for the state to try and stave off them falling off the financial cliff. 


I admire the kid for being involved in the system, I just have to wonder how much of what he is saying are his original ideas or is he just being given one side of the story from a teacher who has a financial motive to not present both sides of the story?  Did his teacher tell him he is going to have to pay increased taxes for the rest of his life to pay for his/hers pension?  Did his teacher tell him that his class sizes will increase if layoffs are done?  Did his teacher explain that when you over tax the rich they move, so the revenues actually go down? 


Deekaman said...

The kids are grossly misinformed. This is only about the benefit package.

"Raise taxes on the rich". Geez. What he misses is that the money goes from taxpayers to teachers to business (taxpayers). Business will come out ahead on this if one does some simple math.

"Meet our demands"? Sounds like thuggery to me.

Elections have consequences. "We Won".

The Griper said...

a much more important question would be: has the kid been taught to question what teachers are telling the kids?

The_Kid said...

The vocal and visible teachers have made me believe that teachers are even more rabid than UAW members. And That is saying something.

I just did a whole post on this so I won't repeat it here.

Regardless what anyone thinks or is willing to do, these folks are going to have to face reality and it is apparently going to be a lot more painful for them than probably anyone else. Because they are spoiled brats. Watch for the violence.

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