Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Allen West's First Townhall as Congressman of FL 22

LOVE this man.  This was released by the congressman's office, so it is kind of like a campaign video.  If I can find more video I will post. 


Zilla/MJ said...

THANK YOU! You know I adore him. I signed up for emails from his Congressional office website and now I get awesome letters written y him to my email box weekly!
He is as delightful in print as he is in video.
Here's a link to his most recent weekly wrap-up:
Good stuff.

Just a conservative girl said...

How did I know you would be over in short order? You have some sort of signal in your brain when it comes to West. LOL. I get a lot of info from his office as well. I never signed up for it, but I guess since I gave to his campaign they figuered I would be interested. LOVE him.

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