Monday, February 28, 2011

Jane Russell Dead at 89

Jane Russell, the curvy bombshell from the 40's and 50's died today at her home surrounded by her children. One of her most infamous roles was besides Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes and her infamous pin up shot of her posing on some hay.

She was a big supporter of adoption causes and spent the second half of her life working on these issues and getting hard to place children into permanent homes. She also was known for having bible studies classes at home. Hmm, I wonder how popular those would be today?

She wasn't just beautiful and talented, but she had big heart and cared for children. 


Opus #6 said...

After she adopted, she worked to help others adopt. She focused on needs outside of herself, and to me that makes her a great soul. May she rest in peace.

The Griper said...

no wonder i fell in love with her at first sight. :) and i just featured her as my beauty of the week a couple of weeks ago too.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Sorry to hear of her loss. Like so many of Hollywood's famous sex symbols, her image was very different from who she was in her personal life. She never considered herself a sex symbol at all. She was very religious, but did struggle with a drinking problem. She had an unwanted pregnancy as a teenager and was able to have children after that, so all her children were adopted. She also wasn't the tough broad she may have appeared to be. She was a very sweet, tender-hearted person. Rest in peace, Jane.

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