Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reason #10593 To Home School

While this incident did happen a while ago, we all know that sometime the wheels of justice in our country move slowly. Back in May 2007 a substitute teacher decided to show the movie Brokeback Back Mountain to a sixth grade math class. That's right a math class.

A 12-year-old girl filed a lawsuit claiming severe emotional distress which the jury rejected. While I think that the lawsuit looking for $40,000 was not the best of ideas, I do agree that the family needed to make a big deal of the issue. Sadly, in the highly litigious world we live in, a lawsuit is sometimes the only way to get the proper attention to the issue. In what twisted world is it ok to show a rated R movie that has graphic homosexual love scenes to a bunch of 12 year-olds who are they to learn math? This movie was not approved by the school let alone by the parents.

The kids in the classroom have said that the teacher told them "What happens in Ms. Buford's class, stays in Ms. Buford's class". Are they in Vegas or a classroom? What else does this woman think is appropriate for her classroom that the students don't tell their parents about? She came out with the typical liberal talking point; I am only trying to teach them about tolerance. Well, you know what lady, I will teach my kid about tolerance, that is not your job. You were being paid to teach math, not gay cinema.

Like I said, this didn't reach the legal standard of severe emotional distress but it does make one question why this teacher did not lose her job? All that happened was that she was "disciplined" and the typical union response is that they just "pass the trash" onto a different school. So, if you live in the Chicago area and your kid comes home and tells you that their teacher's name is Ms. Buford, you may want to consider having them moved into a different classroom. She obviously feels that she has the right to teach your children just about anything but math.

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