Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Freedom Works Employee Attacked by Union Thugs - UPDATES

I am trying to remember when the last time a tea party protester attacked a union member.  Oh, yeah it hasn't happened. 

The union thugs decided to protest outside of the office of Freedom Works this afternoon and Tabitha and several other employees went outside with their cameras.  You can see for yourself what happened. 

Luckily, Tabitha is perfectly fine.  I tweeted her a little earlier and I will be dropping off some cupcakes to their offices tomorrow, because after all chocolate can cure almost anything. Since she is fine and was not hurt, we can almost laugh about it.  But that is this time.  What will happen next time?  In Boston a tea party protester was attacked by the union thugs.  How far are these people willing to go to keep the gravy train on the tracks?  Hang onto your hats ladies and gents, it is going to be a bumpy ride. 


I stopped by the Freedom Works offices this afternoon to see Tabitha.  She is perfectly fine and was as cheerful as she always is.  She has decided to press charges and the local police have a copy of the video.  At this point it is up the police to identify the man in question, and he may not be local.  The people who were protesting came on buses so heavens only knows where he is from. 


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Is she planning on pressing both civil and criminal charges? I sure hope so.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am not sure. I am going to see her tomorrow and will let you know. But, I think she is not planning on it.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Then it won't stop. They do this because they know they won't be called on it. It just enables them.

The_Kid said...

I think it is going to be a bumpy ride. I see more and more sooner than later predictions on state going bust and Ben isn't going to bail them out, nor is the House.

It will turn into union versus private sector. The union people are just Rabid. I thought the UAW folks were bad until I saw the teachers in NJ and now Wisc.

Just a conservative girl said...

She did turn the video over to the police. The problem is that they now have to identify him. But charges have been pressed.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I'm sure they can match the pic with his driver's license. Tell her I am thankful she did the right thing.

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