Friday, February 4, 2011

Quote of the Day - Ron Reagan Edition

"Sarah Palin is a soap opera, basically,"
Ron Reagan Jr. on people comparing Sarah Palin to his Father.

He doesn't think the middle aged daughter of a president taking her clothes off for playboy, her changing her last name and telling people she didn't want children because she didn't want to pass on her parents genes doesn't give his family a soap operaesque feel to it? 


Teresa said...

I think that President Reagan's daughter's life is more like a soap opera than Sarah Palin's is.

The Conservative Lady said...

We have to feel sorry for poor little Ronnie (not really). He can't get any attention unless he writes a book or says things to try to tear his father and someone like Sarah Palin down. He isn't worthy to lick his father's boots...unless of course, it's right after President Reagan got done cleaning the barn.
Sorry to be so fresh, but that guy is a disgrace to the Reagan name.

The_Kid said...

Guess Ron jr is quite the liberal. I'll bet he's being paid for his op-ed.

But it seems the left are really floundering around regards Ronald Reagan. Now that they're compared obama to Reagan (cough-hack-wheeze-cough-wtf) how can they now attack Reagan ?

Pretty comical if you ask me.
The historical performance of both will separate them far apart as time goes on.

Speaking of which, it occurs to me that the Russians didn't even propagandize Stalin this much did they? I mean, how could it get any thicker or deeper here with obama ? He's done nothing and spent 5 trillion that we don't have.

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