Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It is Time to Question our Morality - 13 Year Old Beaten and No One Helped

Nadin Khoury is a 13 year old boy who was beaten.  Many are calling this bullying, but this goes way beyond bullying.  This was seven bigger kids jumping and beating a smaller younger boy.  Luckily, he wasn't badly hurt.  Nadin's mother is an immigrant that escaped war, repression, and abuse in the country of Liberia.  She came here to give her family a better life.  What is especially disturbing is the fact that this poor kid can't go back to school, he is being told that they can't protect him. 

What is even more disturbing is the fact this family is now receiving threats and had to flee their home.  Seven kids beat her child and she has to move?  What does this say about our morality.  Every time a case like this comes up, we say no more.  But, they keep coming up, so obviously we are willing to accept this as a society.  These kids put the video of this beating on You Tube (I can't find the video), so it stands to reason that they believed that nothing would happen to them.  We continually allow children to believe that their are no consequences to their actions. 

These kids are being charged with some very serious crimes, but as juveniles.  As such, they can't be put in jail past their 21st birthdays.  They are being charged with kidnapping as this beating took more than twenty minutes to occur.  This poor boy was put into a tree and hung on a steel post by his coat.  It is a miracle that he was not badly injured.  He could have easily been killed.  A similar situation happened outside of Atlanta not too long ago and sadly, that young man was killed. 

We need to ask ourselves why we keep allowing this to happen in our society.  I am not stupid, you can legislate morality, nor can you make someone be a parent to their children.  But, we can make this type of behavior to be something to be shunned and ashamed of.  Not only has none of the parents of these 7 kids contacted this mother, she is the one that is being threatened for calling the police.  A woman actually walked by while this beating was taking place and this boy was calling out for help.  Only one person helped this boy.  She shooed the kids away and drove him home to his mother.  The woman who walked by and didn't call 911 is just as guilty as the boys who did the beating. 

I love my technology, but YouTube and Cell Phone Cameras are part of the problem.  But, of course the biggest problem is that these kids were never taught about consequences.  Maybe they will learn that lesson while sitting in juvie. 


Deekaman said...

The kids will learn nothing from this. They will find themselves in prison or dead in under 10 years. Progressive ideas drive the demise of our society.

Zilla/MJ said...

The criminals responsible should be charged as adults. This attack should not be dealt with lightly.

Linda said...

This is happening so much. I hate it when the kids bully others.

The Griper said...

this is the results of what happens when our kids are not allowed and taught to fight back against bullies.

this is the result of the zero tolerance on fighting that is the rule in schools now and the defender is punished along with the agressor.

this is the result of laws that allow people who help others get sued.

this is the result of the thinking that only those who are in authority are suppose to protect us instead of knowing we need to protect ourselves.

The_Kid said...

In my opinion, this comes from the liberals Paying Single Mothers to Pop Kids Out Like Pieces of Toast.

Which include check reductions for getting married.

We are paying for child abuse.

I work with a black guy who was just on the local news, he and an older couple are coaches for a local baseball team that consists of young men who essentially have no family. No father, don't know who he is, and the mom probably doesn't even know, and she spends the money on XYZ that does not include the kids she gave birth to. This is a massive problem. A lot of it would stop if we stop rewarding bad behavior. The liberal's favorite thing to do.

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