Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nanny Pelosi's Latest Hit - Republicans Put Woman and Children Last

Seriously, this woman is delusional and is need of medical care. When has this woman voted against one piece of legislation that kills the unborn? Not only does she fully support late-term abortion rights, she could care less what this does to women psychology. She also talks about fiscal responsibility in this clip. Really? Does even she know what is in Obamacare? The waste and the fraud that a law that size will inevitably bring about is going to be stunning and will go a long way to bankrupting this nation.  

Nancy was the main power behind ridding the District of Columbia of the voucher program. A program that was working and changing the lives of the poor in that city. She talks about out educating the rest of the world. Oh, please this woman is a shill for the unions that have publicly stated that their main goal is watch out for the teachers, and to hell the kids in the school system. The NEA is worried about power not about educating children. She is one of their largest supporters.

Every person in this country is going to have give up something before almost all give up everything. The size of our federal government must shrink and reduce costs. Yes, some government employees will have to lose their jobs. Plenty of which are duplicating work and are not necessary. That is just reality. Deal with Nanny. The gravy train is over. Seriously, go the help that you so obviously need. You are a multi millionaire, you can afford it.

Dennis Miller has called this woman bat sh*t crazy, and he is right. 

1 comment:

The_Kid said...

I seriously believe it IS a mental disease.

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