Friday, November 26, 2010

Whoopi and Bill Part Deux

What is really sad about this is that she even when the fact that government crime statistics show that Jews are the religious group that faces the most persecution in this country she just dismisses it.  Those pesky little things like facts just don't matter.  Why bother with reality if it gets in the way of your world view? 

Personally, I think that Whoppi is a very talented actress.  I went to see Colored Girls and she did an amazing job.  But her thought process is just beyond me.  She says we should have discussions on differing points of view about terrorism, yet she says she doesn't know what a Madrassa is.  You can't have an intelligent conversation about terrorism if you are not even willing to find out some basic facts of what is going on in the Muslim world.  While it is true that most terrorists are not graduates of the Madrassa system, it is continuous breeding ground for the hatred toward the west that is all too prevalent in that part of the world. 

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Deekaman said...

Whoopie doesn't like O'Reilly "painting people with a broad brush", but she does the same thing when saying indicating that when someone says "Muslims attacked us on 9/11", Americans think it was "all Muslims" (her Muhammed Ali comment). She is delusional in that every time O'Reilly brings up a fact, she refuses to believe it.

Why does he even give her a forum? (Maybe because she looks so stupid)

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