Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How's That Tingle Now Mr. Matthews?

Oh my, I love this woman.  God Bless you Congresswoman.


Malcolm said...

I was laughing my ass off when I watched this last night. Whether one likes Chris or not, given what Michelle had said the plan would be if the Republicans took over the House in 2010, his questions to her were valid. Michelle’s responses were absolutely ridiculous! I have a feeling if Chris had asked Michelle, “What’s 2 + 2”, her answer would have started out, “Well the plan I’ve been talking about all through this election…”

Just a conservative girl said...

His intent was not to interview her, he wanted to embarass her. She didn't fall for it. They had many low lights last night and wanted to make up for it using her.

Malcolm said...

If Michelle was not on record saying that all the Republicans should do is issue subpoenas against the Obama administration if they gained control of the House, I’d agree with you. Since you feel Chris was trying to embarrass her, does that also mean you feel his questions weren’t valid? If so, why weren’t they?

Just a conservative girl said...

This administration deserves some investigation. The DOJ dropping the charges against the NBPP needs to be at the top of the list. That being said, it needs to be done in a manner that will be effective and not done out of vindictiviness.

Bachmann is not the person that question should be asked of. Issa is. He is the one that will be the chairman of that committee. He has already stated that is not going to be his priority. He has no intention of performing investigation after investigation like was done to the Bush administration once the dems took power. That is not what they were sent there to do, we don't wasteful investigations done that will do nothing but take time away from the real issues and waste more money.

Deekaman said...

This Administration and the Democrats in Congress acted treasonously. they need to be held to account. But first, the economy needs to be "set in order". Failure to secure the border is nothing short of treason. Passing "Obamacare" against the will of the electorate is treasonous.

So, here MSNBC is NOT in the tank? Five people who are avowed Liberal Republican and TEA Party movement haters are on that panel....and they're not in the tank? Really? And giggling like schoolgirls. I wonder what they will do for jobs when Comcast owns the NBC world.

Malcolm said...

Based on your statement that Michelle isn't the person to answer those questions, I guess that means she was talking out of turn when she made those comments earlier this year. Even if one buys the argument that Michelle isn't the person to answer that question, she could have said as much. Had she said Darrell Issa is the person to answer these questions since he is the chairman, it would have been better than the comical responses she gave.

I wonder if she indirectly answered the question by doing such a blatant job of dodging it. I hope that isn't the Republican's plan to do endless investigations. On that, you and I do agree because there is more important work to be done.

Just a conservative girl said...

I will agree that she shouldn't have said it. It is not her committee. It is not her place to say things like that. Issa is the one that will matter, as he will be charge of the committe and he will deterime the direction that it will take. He seems reasonable to me.

And yes, I have voted for many dems. One of my current senators as a matter of fact. He was our governor and I thought he did a decent job. I am not jazzed with him now, he was much more moderate and fiscally responsible at the state level. Now he has voted for all of the out of control spending, so I am sorry that I voted for him. At his townhall last summer he went through this whole list of things that would cause him to vote against obamacare, some of the things he said he wouldn't accept were in there and he voted for it anyway. So, I will be working against him. He voted party instead of principle. Not acceptable. Oh, and I voted for Gore over Bush. I didn't like Cheney.

I have never voted along party lines, and never will. I vote for people based on issues. In most cases it is the lesser of two evils, but I don't care about party. I vote for the person who appears to me to stand by principles and will show some fiscal restraint.

I live in state where far left liberals can't win a statewide election. Most of the dems are bluedogs. I have no problems voting for them. Now, locally I live in the progressive part of the state, so they are out of control tax and spend liberals. I will not vote for them. I would vote for a tin can first, as the can would do a better job.

Malcolm said...

JACG: You are a rarity among the conservatives I've encountered in the blogosphere. Most of them have a black and white view of the world in which Republicans/conservatives are good and Democrats/liberals are evil. Even though you and I will disagree a majority of the time, I have learned that you can be objective when it comes to politics.

Just a conservative girl said...

Thanks. My entire point of starting this blog was to get the facts out to people. No one is right 100% of the time. We all make mistakes. It is much better to admit those mistakes and deal with them.

Also, the only reason you don't think that the left is the same way is because you agree with them.

Malcolm said...

I started Diversity Ink for similar reasons. As you may have noticed, I make it a point to invite those with different viewpoints than mine to comment/guest post at DI. I'd get bored if everyone who came over to DI agreed with everything we posted.

Also, please note that I never said there aren't liberals who also have a "black and white" view when it comes to politics. The reason I didn't mention them in my last response is because I was singling you out as a rarity among conservative bloggers that I've encountered.

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