Saturday, November 6, 2010

They Just Don't Get It - Bill Maher on Election Losses

It is pretty sad that Fareed Zakaria is the voice of reason in this conversation.  Let me try and explain this to you Mr. Maher.  This is a center right country, we don't like the government intruding into our lives.  The health care law is an intrusion into our lives.  It forces us to buy services that we may not need.  The government is now making the decision on what type of policy that you have.  This is especially galling to people who buy insurance for themselves. 

The reason that many of the bluedogs lost is because they did the opposite of what they originally campaigned on.  They were elected to be fiscally responsible and once in office did the opposite.  That is why they were given the boot, not because there is no public option.  Had there been a public option, the losses would have been even greater. 

Is that clear enough for you, Bill? 

H/T to Breitbart


Deekaman said...

Because Obama didn't back the Public Option? Seriously? And yes, Zarkaria is the voice of reason here. "Stretches the imagination" is on target.

Maher is a certified kook.

Deekaman said...

And this bodes well for the Conservatives. Note to Bill Maher: "We Won".

RightKlik said...

"...we don't like the government intruding into our lives."

And that is why Tea Party activists have talked so much about the constraints of the Constitution. We know that elections have consequences, but election victories are not tantamount to a blank check for unlimited power.

Democrats have shown that they are perfectly willing to lose an upcoming election if that means they can take advantage of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to seize power.

If it wasn't clear to the Dems before Scott Brown's win that their health care agenda would result in devastating defeat in the midterms, it was crystal clear after his stunning victory. But they were not deterred.

Whatever rank-and-file Dems thought about their chances in the midterm elections, I'm convinced the party leadership knew that there would be a big price to pay for Obamacare.

So the Dems paid the political price for Obamacare with the 2010 election losses. But with miserable economic conditions, they probably assumed they would loose control of Congress anyway. The party in control of the White House usually loses seats in Congress in the midterms whether the economy is healthy or not.

Early on, Obama promised "ruthless pragmatism," and that is exactly what he has delivered. He knows that the Democrats will regain control of the House sooner or later, and when that day comes, Obamacare's tentacles will have penetrated so deep into our lives and our economy it will take MORE than an act of Congress to undo the damage.

I'm afraid that in the wake of the 111th Congress, nothing short of a Revolution will restore the individual sovereignty to which we are entitled via Natural Law, as articulated by our Constitution.

Deekaman said...

@RK: "The price of Liberty". My generation is just learning it. It is imperative to hold elected officials at all levels accountable to the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the Land. If we fail to follow through on what we have won, we shall surely perish as a Republic. Our leaders will continue to go hat-in-hand to places like India to beg for American jobs. We will truly lose "American Exceptionalism". Revolution may be necessary, but if we do not do it at the ballot box, we shall surely lose.

RightKlik said...

@Deekaman The people in power misinterpret what we say at the Ballot box. When we reject the Dems, they think it's because they didn't go far enough to the left. The GOP thinks it's because they're really smart and we like them.

The election has given the GOP one last chance to correct last chance for them to deliver the the "Ballot Box Revolution" we need.

If the Republicans deliver a mediocre performance between now and the 2012 elections, I don't think the American conservative movement, or this Republic, will ever recover.

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