Friday, November 5, 2010

Obama needs an Oklahoma City Moment?

Lovely.  I am sure that he is not wishing for a terrorist attack, but he should have chosen a different visual.  To make this all the better is that my former congressman sitting next to him didn't say a word.  Way to Moron Moran.  Great going Virgina for keeping this idiot in office. 


Anonymous said...

nothing like wishing for a terrorist attack to increase your poll numbers. What a creep!

Deekaman said...

The term "Oklahoma City Moment" or similar means being able to blame the "Vast Right Wing conspiracy" for something horrible, usually involving the death of innocents. The more deaths, the better, in their eyes. Recall that Clinton blamed the Republicans for OKC and made no distinction between mainstream conservatives and kooks like Veigh.

Keep in mind that the Progressive Left in the US is made of the same stuff as guys like Stalin and Mao. If they have to kill a few people to make their point and consolidate their power, they will do so without hesitation.

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