Saturday, November 20, 2010

Go West - Allen West on the CBC and Lewis' Racebased Defense of Ethically Challenged Charlie Rangel

Pulling out the race card to some how justify Charlie Rangel's corruption is low.  So is Lewis saying because he was at Selma in the 60's he now has a get out _________ card for the rest of his life?  Where exactly is the line drawn?  One of the things that Rangel did that was horrible was using four rent control apartments for his own use.  Four families did not get those apartments.  Aren't they part of  the reason that they went to Selma?  The majority of the people who live in Charlie Rangel's district are minorities. 

So Mr. Lewis, what exactly can't Rangel do? 

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LL said...

Insensibly, some black people believe that if you stood up for the rights of negro people in the 50's and 60's, you should be granted a lifetime get out of jail free card.

What about all of the other causes -- what about people who attended Tea Party rallies in the 2009's and 10's? Should THEY be granted lifetime get out of jail free cards for trying to secure and maintain the blessings of liberty for all Americans (regardless of race)?

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