Sunday, November 14, 2010

First GOP Presidental Debate Announced

Nancy Reagan announced that The Reagan Presidental Foundation will be hosting the first debate for the GOP candidates for the run at the presidency in 2012.  No exact date has been released but it is due to take place in the spring of 2011 at Reagan's library in Simi Valley. 

Now, we have not yet had anyone "officially" announce for president.  But today Gov. Pawlenty has a OP/ED piece in The Union Leader.  One of New Hampshire's largest papers.  In this piece he uses the analogy of our government spending spree like that of an open bar at wedding.  Many people will drink much more if the drinks are free than if you have to pay for them.  I have been known to do that a time or two myself.  The point being that Pawlenty is going to run, there can be little doubt about that. 

I do believe that Gingrich is also going to run, this would be his last chance to do so due to his age; but he has little chance of getting the nomination.  Herman Cain has been very public about his desire to run, but he is relatively unknown and has never held public office.  While he has been a successful businessman, it will be a long row to hoe for him.  I personally, would love to see him debate Obama, that would be a sight.

Gov. Palin is still playing coy about running, but I find it highly unlikely that she won't run.  The way she is raising money with her Pac says that she is using it to build a grassroots list.  Obama has shown how sucessful that can be when trying to raise money. 

Congressman Pence will be running for a different office in 12; either Gov. of Indiana or President.  We will have to wait to see which.  That would be the only logical reason why he has given up his leadership position in the house. 

Who else do you expect to see on that stage?  With such an early date, it should be quite crowded.  Especially when you consider the "shellacking" that President Obama and Dems just took, Obama looks like easy pickings to be a one term president. 

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Deekaman said...

Not wild about any of them right now. I want to see what they do over the next 16-months-or-so in Congress and in the states.

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