Friday, November 5, 2010

12 in 12 - Taking a Look at Presidental Contenders

Fox News is doing a series called 12 in 12.  They are interviewing "candidates" for the upcoming presidential election.  Mitt Romney declined to interviewed.  So far they have done two so-called favorites. 

Mitch Daniels did amazing things as Governor.  He reduced the spending, and he reformed the state employees health care with market based solutions.  He doesn't seem to want to run, even though his name keeps coming up.  Another downside is that he did work for the Bush administration, which isn't exactly the best resume enhancer. 

Haley Barbour did an amazing job during Katrina.  His job was proof that New Orleans was much more complicated than the Bush bashing that went on during the crisis.  He just did the job and asked for the federal help right away, instead of having meetings about asking for help.  The down side with him is that he was a lobbyist for a while, that will work against him.  But his views on taxes and spending are solid, especially when you consider that Mississippi is a very poor state. 


Clifton B said...

I think in order to win 2012, the GOP is going to have to think outside the box. I just don't see the more conventional candidates (Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Huckabee, Barbor) as being able to galvanize the new conservative activism.

I think more dynamic people like Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan would be far more effective.

That being said, we have two years to go, who knows what we will be up against by then.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, I think you know how I feel about a Palin run. I don't think she can win, so I will not support her in the primary season. Obviously if she gets the nomination I will support her, but I will work against that happening.

Ryan won't run, he has very young children. The youngest is like 3 or something. He is good candidate down the road, but I do think he should run for Governor first.

I love, love, love Herman Cain. He is a very dynamic speaker and can get a crowd going. The problem is that he has never held office, and I think the mood of the country is going to be that we did the experiment of someone without the necessary experience and it didn't go that well.

Pence stepped down from the leadership for a reason. He is going after another office, and he would do well. Again the knock on him is that he has no executive experience. Tammy Bruce is under the impression he will be running for Governor, at least that was a tweet she sent out earlier this week.

It is a long way off, but the positioning needs to start soon. I like Mitch Daniels, but he is not very dynamic and that will hurt him against Obama who is a very good campaigner. He also doesn't seem to have the burning desire, which you need to run a race that last close to two years now.

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