Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marco Rubio Not A Good Cuban American?

I didn't know that there are stereotypes of Cuban Americans.  I am completely unaware of them. 

Also, dear Alicia's father was born in America.  So to say that her family has the same experience seems a little odd to me.  She is generations away from the experience that Rubio had.  As a first generation American, I can tell you that when you grow up around people who were born in another country, your viewpoints of this country are different.  It is not something that can be then given to another generation, no one in my families next generation understand what my parents experience was.  It is a unique experience that dear Alicia cannot possibly understand.  Oh, I don't think it helps that she is the child of a dem senator from the very blue state of New Jersey.  Somehow I don't think that growing up in that environment is even remotely close to growing up in the Miami area like Rubio did.  They are night and day. 


Deekaman said...

It's expected what? That she'd talk about what a great guy and great pick he is? Of course not. Republicans are bad people according to the Left. And if off the Liberal reservation, it's even worse. Look what Black Conservatives are subjected to.

Just a conservative girl said...

She also appears on Fox; and I am sure she would have said exactly the same thing.

The network wasn't the issue.

Opus #6 said...

Leftists will say whatever they have to to discredit conservatives. We must forge ahead while ignoring them. Look at how they vilified Cheney. He was one of the few Republicans who would dare speak out in early 2009. I will never forget it.

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