Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gloria Allred - The Groping Felt Good

I have not weighed in much on this topic, but this may be a good time.  The reality is that these scanners will not find many of the explosives that these intrusive needs are supposedly trying to find.  We keep hearing from the left that we can't do profiling.  OK, we already do profiling in this country.  Every police department around the country uses this method in order to catch criminals.  How many times have you heard some prosecutor or the police say that someone was acting in an unusual way?  The police have a set of guidelines that they use when interviewing a person whose family member was just killed.  That is profiling. 

We are seeing videos of small children being touched in ways that should make every parent uncomfortable.  Parents teach their children from pretty young ages about good touches and bad touches.  Having a complete stranger touching their private areas constitutes the bad touch that moms and dads have warned them about. 

While I realize that we are a much larger country with a much larger population we really need to start listening to the Israeli's when it comes to airport security.  If you are going to fly on El Al out of Israel, you need to be at the airport very early.  The population accepts that as part of the necessary security to keep the airplanes safe.  They do much of the work long before the people even arrive at the airport.  This is the type of security that we need to employ in this country.  Shock of Shockers, we are unwilling to really do what it takes to be safe.  Our federal government loves window dressing. 

The reality is that we keep treating terrorists like they are stupid.  They are not.  They listen to the news and are aware of what we are doing.  The last attempted attacks on our airplanes have all come from outside of the United States.  How is groping granny going to stop that? 

I have also heard some families of the 9/11 victims say they wish that this level of security had existed before that fateful morning.  With all due respect, the hijackers used weapons that were legal to bring on planes at the time.  So even had they gone through a more advanced search it wouldn't have mattered.  We have constitutional protections to unwarranted search and seizure in this country.  Does buying a plane ticket give the government cause to have some stranger put his hands on my breasts and inside my waistbands?  Unlike Gloria Allred, I don't think it feels good. 


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