Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dancing the Night Away - Potus and Flotus in India

I actually like this video.  I have heard some insulting things said about this, but I think that is just silly.  Of course other countries have cultural events for visiting heads of states.  It would be very rude had the first couple not participated; and I think Michelle did a very good job.  The president on the other hand didn't really show a great deal of rhythm, he looked a little stiff.  But, it is still enjoyable all the same.  If you are going to leave an insulting comment, please do it elsewhere. 


Larry Sheldon said...

I'm sorry, but I have to remove your blog from my list of must-read blogs--for logistics reasons I can not allow blogs that auto-play clippings to load unattended, so to speak.

LL said...

He dances just about as well as he plays golf. (is this rude enough to be deleted?)

Just a conservative girl said...

Was your plan to leave something that would be deleted?


Just a conservative girl said...

Do whatever you need to do.

I am not going to allow someone else to tell me how or what I post.

Larry Sheldon said...

If you don't need the traffic....

I didn't get to stay long enough to know what you have to offer.

I can not have loud noises start in the middle of the night and not know where it is coming from (some parts of the list load 15 blogs at a time).

There are very sick people trying to sleep here.

But you go ahead and do whaqt you want to to and you certainly don't have consider the wishes of your customer4s.

That is the modern way, isn't it?

Especially if you are.....oh never mind.

It doesn't matter.

Enjoy your power.

Malcolm said...

That was a fun video. Although I am not a GWB fan, I get a kick out of the clip of him and Laura dancing with the West African Dance Company. It's a side we don't always get to see.

What types of insulting things were said about this clip of President Obama and Michelle? If you'd rather not say, I understand.

Just a conservative girl said...

Some of them were pretty bad. No reason for it at all. This is part of the job.

I am not looking for power. You on the other hand must be. If the video was such a problem you would have just done what you needed to do and not even mentioned it. I don't know who you are or what blog you are talking about. Like I said, do what you need you to do and leave me out of it.

Soloman said...

I enjoyed the video. I agree with Malcolm - when these events take place, it displays a side of our leaders that's fun to see, that we don't often get to see. It's a moment we can put politics aside and be honored that other nations revel in the presence of our leader's presence.

I tend to either keep my speakers off until I need them, or keep my volume muted.

I don't know if that's feasible, so please excuse me if I've overstepped my bounds.

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