Monday, November 1, 2010

A Word to the Wise - Tomorrow is Only the Beginning

Many conservatives are busting at the seams with excitement, hardly able to contain themselves until the results start pouring in tomorrow shortly after 8 PM EST. I am among them. I have all kinds of fun planned for tomorrow evening; parties and will even be throwing in some childish fun outside the White House tomorrow night. I have been told on many occasions that I am a bad winner, and will be proving that tomorrow night.

But, anyone that thinks that the Tea Party has accomplished this on their own is sadly mistaken. History shows that the party of the sitting president loses seats in congress during midterm elections. History also shows that when the economy is troubled the party in power will also lose some of the power that they have in numbers. My point being that the democrats were going to lose seats even without Tea Party.

We are only taking our wobbly first step. The culture of the power in this country is simply not going to be changed due to this election. Many across the country thought that they took that step two years when pulling the lever for President Obama. The promises of more transparency and no more business as usual quickly went out of the window. The party in power completely misread the mood of Middle America and thought it was a referendum to take this country in a far left direction. Tomorrow will show that it was not.

The danger for the Republican Party is the fact that may be of the same wrongheaded thinking. The middle of the road voter in this country is voting tomorrow based on the most basic of issues, their own checkbook. The country is scared by the out of control spending spree that this country has been on for far too long. Both parties are responsible for the mess that we currently find ourselves in. The housing bubble bursting is direct result of government interference. Both parties wanted to tout home ownership as a major accomplishment of their governance. Putting people in homes that they couldn't afford is not something to shout about, ultimately, we are all paying the price for this stupidity.

The Republican leadership that will be in power in at least one chamber of Congress come January need to heed the lessons of the past two years; letting the power go to your heads will only get you kicked to the curb. The Tea Party members should celebrate a victory tomorrow evening, but come Wednesday morning be ready to do the real hard work; wresting the power out of the hands of the out of touch and arrogant politicos inside the beltway. They are not going to give it up easily or without a fight, regardless of party


Deekaman said...

Exactly right. If we rest on our laurels, they will come back. They are relentless and will be in power before we know it if we are not vigilant. And it is Progressives of both parties that are the problem. Those must be weeded out and Constitutional Conservatives must be cultivated.

Zilla of the Resistance said...

This election is just the culmination of our first battle, it's going to actually be a harder fight from here as we deal with angrier liberals looking for vengeance over their receding power and we'll have to fight to keep newly elected Republicans from being poisoned by their new environment and selling their souls. We've got a long row to hoe!

Sparky said...

Very well put. This really is just the beginning. If even the Repub's have big wins, we must not go to 'sleep' after this but keep ALL politicans feet to the fire. To all politicans" "WE'RE WATCHING YOU".

The Conservative Lady said...

Agreed. The newly elected conservatives must not let the establishment Republicans co-opt them. I heard last week that they are already planning to supply the newbies with staff. This is a very bad idea and I hope the newbies don't fall for it. Pray that the newly elected conservatives will be strong and stand by their principles. This is just the beginning.

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