Monday, November 15, 2010

November Speaks - Rally at the Capitol

Today Americans for Prosperity held a rally on the grounds of the Capitol Building.  It was at noon with barely more than a weeks notice, so I was pleasantly surprised to see about 1,000 or so people there.  I was a little disappointed to find out that AFP bused people in a no cost today.  While I can understand that it was nice for the people that were able to take those buses, it is the visual that I don't like.  It plays into the narrative of the "astro-turf".  I did send an email to AFP to let them know that we have gone this long without free bus rides, there is no reason to start now.  I know, I know, I live only 20 minutes away so it is no biggie for me.  But, like I said it is the visual that our movement can do without. 

The speakers were lively.  Especially Congresswoman Bachmann.  She can give a tea party speech, there is no doubt about that.  I also got to speak to Tito the Builder for a bit.  He is looking into running for office in Virginia next year.  I offered up my fundraising skills.  I may as put them to good use. 

Again, I met people from all over the country.  Tea Party Patriots Coordinators from all over the country were here this weekend to meet with the newbies; which took place Saturday and Sunday.  Most of them stayed around for the rally today. 

I met up with some people and we did some scouting around in the offices of the senate.  We went to every republican office that has not come out in favor of the earmark ban and left notes.  I also went and spoke to my two senators; always a frustrating experience. 

We then headed over to the House buildings.  We stopped by soon to be former speaker Nanny's office.  We also went to speak with one of my all-time favorites Alan Grayson.  My friend Sandy grew up in Florida, so we kind of felt we had an in.  We expressed to them our gratitude that he lost and let them know he is an embarrassment not only to the state of Florida, but to Congress as a whole.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice and polite his staff was.  I was expecting anyone who worked for that rude man would be cut from the same cloth.  I certainly wouldn't work for a man like him. 

Here are some photos of the day:

These MSNBC signs are plastered all over the metro station closest to the Capitol.  Hmm, interesting.  I didn't see them in any of the others. 


The Conservative Lady said...

You know what MSNBC is going to do when we "lean forward", ha, ha.
Thanks for sharing your experience in DC today. I bet Alan Grayson's staff think he's a jerk, too. What an embarrassment.
I like both Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann...great photos!

Opus #6 said...

I was thinking the same thing. Grayson's staff probably agrees with you. Ha!

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