Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Have We Come To? 18 Year Old Beaten to Death, 58 Witnesses Didn't Help UPDATES

Saturday night a family outside of Atlanta allowed their teen aged daughters to throw a party at their home. Word must have gotten out and the party seemed to get a little out of control.  More than 50 kids were in attendance. 

Several girls started having a fight outside the home and some teenage boys got involved in that altercation.  Witnesses say the four boys said that they were going to give a beat down to the next guy that arrives.  Shortly after midnight, Bobby Maurice Tillman, a small 18 year old, then came onto the scene.  Four teenagers then beat and stomped him to death. 

One young man is dead and four more in are in police custody and charged with murder.  Five lives ruined for no reason.  This is not to mention what this is going to do the families involved.  A mother and father will now have to bury their baby, not something that any parent should have to do.  It goes against nature that you bury a child.  Parents are supposed to go first, that is the natural order of things. 

One would think that since the cause of death was caused by being beaten and stomped on, there would have been blood.  Did none of these 58 other kids ever stop to think to try and stop what was happening?  They couldn't have maybe turned on a hose to try and stop this?  I realize that one may be afraid that you in turn may get beaten up if you threw yourself in the middle of it all, but that hardly seems like a good enough reason to not try. 

We are losing our moral compass as a society if these type of things can happen.  Sadly, this is not a whole lot different than the story of young woman who was ganged raped and the ten witnesses did nothing to help her. 

Where were the adults?  The people who owned the home allowed all those teenagers at their home after midnight with no supervision?  What about the neighbors?  Didn't they hear anything?  It is not a stretch to think that poor Bobby Tillman made some cries for help while he was being beaten to death.  One of the saddest parts of this story is how the parents of the children who witnessed this have reacted.  They are upset with the local police.  Yes, you read that correctly, upset with the police.  Once the cops were on the scene they decided the easiest way to question every kid who was there was to put them on a police bus and bring them down to the station.  The parents were upset that they were not called before their kids were questioned.  OK, how many teenagers do you know that don't have a cell phone?  These kids could have easily called their parents on the way to the police station.  Even if several of them didn't have a cell, the others did.  This is part of the problem.  These parents seem to be more upset at the police than they are at their children for not trying to save this young man's life.  Simply stunning. 

When you take a child home for the hospital, you are responsible for them.  Yes, most of them were technically adults, but you as a parent you should know better than to leave this many teenagers alone late at night.  People need to get a grip, be responsible for your children and what they are doing in your own home.  We continue to diminish life in our society.  The four kids arrested for this are 18 and 19 years old.  At that age, they should have an understanding of their actions.  Sadly, now they will more than likely spend most of the lives in jail.  Maybe someone can teach them that lesson while they are in jail. 

The homeowner was at home and was the person who called the police.  The police has stated that there are no signs that the kids were drinking or doing drugs.  Apparently, the motive seemed to be that one of the boys was hit by one of the girls that was involved in the fight outside of the house.  The boy didn't want to hit a girl so decided to beat up the next boy who showed up.  Bobby was that boy.  He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


The NAACP has now gotten involved with how the police handled the witnesses.  Which I find unbelievable.  This is one of the reasons that the NAACP has no credibility to me.  What they should be addressing is the issues of black on black violence and the lack of compassion these kids exhibited.  This was a senseless death of young man who had not even finished high school yet.  The police put these kids on a bus so they could interview them and find out who was responsible and what the motive was.  That is their job.  Bobby's family deserves to see justice done in this case.  Rest in Peace Bobby. 


Opus #6 said...

My heart is so sad for the murdered boy and his family. This was a terrible thing. I wonder what, if anything, those kids were on. Were they drug or alcohol tested? Is that not information in the news story?

This type of behavior is part of the reason I campaigned against making marijuana legal in CA. Kids on drink and drugs do awful, awful things. Grown-ups too. I don't like "partying" for that reason. People who are high can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Just a conservative girl said...

The police are saying that it appears that the kids were not drinking or on drugs. Which in some ways makes it worse. If they under the influence it would a little easier to understand.

Also, the updated news reports I have read say that the homeowners were at home.

And now the NAACP is getting involved in regards to putting the kids on a bus so they could be questioned. The NAACP should be asking the questions about black on black crime and why these kids felt free enough to stomp another young kid to death.

It is just tragic all the way around. I can't even imagine what Bobby's parents are feeling right now.

Linda said...

What a sad story, but we all know that life is not sacred anymore. It hasn't been since Roe V. Wade was passed.

I'm sorry, but if I hear of a crime, I immediately think of a black person, and more often than not, is is a black

When is America going to get its' moral compass working again?

Soloman said...

"The NAACP has now gotten involved with how the police handled the witnesses. Which I find unbelievable. "

Really? I don't mean to be sarcastic, but do you really find it unbelievable that the NAACP is siding against the police, pretty much in any instance?

I don't. Not at all.

In my opinion, this is an issue that stems from the glamorization of crime and the "gangsta" lifestyle, to a degree that most will not admit for fear of being labeled RAAAAACIST.

It's the same element of society that makes it perfectly okay in the eyes of some of today's youth to call women "B's" and "Ho's" and treat women in a completely derogatory manner.

What's worse is that the very organization that presents itself as in the best interest of the Black community actually does more damage to that very community, through actions such as this.

I don't know anything about the neighborhood in which this event took place. I can trust, since the NAACP got involved, that this was a mostly (if not all) Black crowd in attendance at this party.

What a tragic state of affairs parts of our society are in, and what a shameful organization the NAACP has become.

Forgive me if I've overstepped my bounds...

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