Monday, November 1, 2010

Is Congressman Jim Moran Running Scared? It's Getting Ugly Out There

This morning volunteers from the Murray for Congress campaign were handing out literature at the Huntington Street metro station.  Congressman Moron Moran and company were also at the same metro station.  Apparently, the congressman didn't take it well that his "opposition" was also reaching out to the voters. 

Moran went over to the volunteer and started in with a profanity laced tirade towards the senior citizen who was volunteering for Col. Murray.  The volunteer (the Murray campaign has decided to keep the volunteers name private) tried to walk away from the tirade and instead of the Moron Moran campaign letting it go, he sent his son to follow the senior and continue with the profanity and the outright intimidation.  You see, this is the first shot at kicking this anti-Semitic, corrupt congressman to the curb since I have lived in this area.  I have been working for 15 years to get this man out of office.  Moran is running for his 12th term. 

One of Murray's supporters heard him on a local radio talk show this morning and has offered a $1,000 reward for anyone that took video of this incident this morning.  If you know anyone that was at the Huntington Metro station this morning and saw this incident, please contact the Murray campaign at 703-888-6625


Opus #6 said...

Someone should have called the police for elder abuse. Not to mention violation of civil rights and the first amendment.

Just a conservative girl said...

This was a senior citizen, not all of them have cell phones.

There are security people at the metro stations during rush hour, but I guess he/she didn't think about it.

I always bring my camera/video with me just in case something happens, had they pulled out a camera I am sure they would have left him/her alone.

The Conservative Lady said...

Desperation. Shame on Moron Moran.

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