Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So It Begins - Mike Pence Steps Down from Leadership Position. Pence for President? Updates: Bachmann Announces Candidacy for GOP Chair

Did Mike Pence just announce for President?  I think the answer to that question is yes.  His re-election was safe and as such he spent a great deal of his time campaigning in other parts of the country.  One of the states that he spent some time in was Iowa, the first caucus of the presidential season.  Pence was in line to become the GOP Chair of the majority party and that position would not give anyone the time to mount a successful presidential bid. 

Pence has said for years now that the job as president was not something he aspired to.  But, there seemed to be a shift in that language for at least a few months now.  He recently won a straw poll and he is considered a darling within the social conservative circles.  A favorite line in his speeches is "I am a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican".  He puts them in order of importance in his life. 

There are many who feel that he would have been better off running for the senate first, but Evan Byhe didn't announce his retirement in a timely enough fashion that Pence could have mounted a serious campaign to win that seat.  Although, that seat is now in Republican hands with the win of Coats last night. 

Pence has a folksy type of charm and can be a very dynamic public speaker.  I personally welcome this news, he may not be able to get the nomination, but he will help drive the debate to conservative principles of lower spending and limited government. 

I watched the below speech live earlier this year.  It didn't get a great deal of attention as it was not a good time slot.  My jaw dropped while I was listening to this and turned to the person sitting next to me and said this man is running for President.  Enjoy..........

Michele Bachmann wasted little time to make this little announcement:

I am pleased to announce that I am running for Chairman of the House Republican Conference! Constitutional Conservatives deserve a loud and clear voice in leadership!


Just Me said...

and Bachmann just announced she's going to run for GOP Conference Chair... coincidence?

I think not =)

So happy to see all the sifting going on today.

LL said...

Pence would make a splendid president.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am not sure that Bachmann can get it. She isn't exactly popular within the GOP establishment, which is one of the reasons that the Tea Party loves her.

They would be smart to elect her, because she already is the ligtening rod, so why not use it? But I won't be a bit surprised if she doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

I really do not know much about Pence, I think about anyone would be better than Mitt or Newt.

Just a conservative girl said...

I think you will like Pence. He is staunch in his beliefs. He is not one to comprimise on principle yet is still willing to work to solve problems. Which is exactly what we need.

I don't think anyone should comprimise on stated principles. You can still get things done.

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