Friday, November 5, 2010

Look Out Congressional Black Caucus, Here Comes Allen West

I wanted him to join the CBC.  He will shake things up, and if any caucus in the house needs some shaking up, it is this one.  GO WEST!!!


Just Me said...

Absolutely adore this man; he is EXACTLY the kind of person who should hold every single office in our government.

Opus #6 said...

To quote a wimpy kid, "Zooeeee Mama!"

Clifton B said...

I was hoping West would stay out the CBC as a type of protest. However, if there is anyone who is strong enough to shake up that bunch from within, it is West.

Just a conservative girl said...

How will it ever change if the same type of social justice people are in involved? It is time that the community get the message of self reliance. He and Scott are exactly who can give that message. Scott grew up in a single parent home who taught him that getting an education and relying on yourself is the path to making your life better.

I am very happy that they both plan on joining. They will shake it up. Exactly what is needed. Conservative people of color can't be told you don't belong here by those socialists who only want to keep people of color dependent on the government dole. Their lives will never improve.

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