Monday, November 1, 2010

Libs Keeping it Classy in California

You know I once thought I wanted to live in San Francisco.  So glad it didn't work out.


Lilac Sunday said...

If you ask a San Franciscan, they'll tell you San Francisco is the most tolerant, diverse city in America.

What they won't tell you, because they don't seem to grasp it themselves, is that their definitions of tolerance and diversity are the mot narrow I've ever experienced.

San Francisco worships the a shallow diversity that reinforces groupthink by affirming it. The fact that they have Whites, Blacks, gays, rich and poor all espousing a reflexively anti-American brand of extreme Liberalism is regarded as proof of their ideology's correctness. Diversity in actual viewpoints is discouraged, because they've already figured out what all the correct answers are. There is no dialogue in San Francisco, just groupthink, confirmation bias, and an information cascade.

LL said...

The City is cool in many ways. I live in CA and visit SF from time to time. Tolerance extends to outrageous homosexual conduct and liberalism. Conservatives and Constitutionalists are not accepted there.

Proof said...

Obviously, this guy is taking them for a couple of MILFs. Having seen some of the ladies on the left, I can see where there might be some attraction for him! Heh.

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