Monday, January 10, 2011

After the Vitriol, After the Hate

Two full days have almost passed since the shootings in Tucson.  Over the weekend we saw the ugliest side of left possible.  You can go over to Michelle Malkin to see some of the lefty hate over the years.  The vast majority making Sarah Palin's map look like child's play in comparison.  The right has reacted by pointing out all of the hate that comes from left.

Some have called to hit back on the left and to hit back hard. A few other voices have said that may not be the best way to handle this. I will have to go with the minority. My reasons for that are really quite simple. The truth is that majority of the country doesn't pay attention to this kind of thing. The hate machine is big fat turn off and people just tune it out.

Matter of fact they turn it off to the point that they become disgusted with both the right and left. The vitriol has gotten so bad with this shooting any rational person will come to the proper conclusion; the far left is crazy and will do anything to put people on the right down, and the media is all too willing accomplice. This can only help the right as long as they don't go as far. The very last thing we should be doing is making a bad situation worse. Let the left stew in their own juices and pay the price for the disgusting display they have put on for the past two days. The truth about the gunman is out, he is a crazy lunatic that was in no way motivated by politics, be it right or left. By most estimates it seems that he is a schizophrenic.  And, as a wise man has said, crazy isn't an ideology. 

Personally, I would rather spend my time and energies talking about the heroism that was on display on Saturday, people running towards the gunman to stop further carnage. A husband who jumped on his wife in order to save her from the bullets, who sadly gave his own in order to save hers. Let’s think about the father who is in mourning over the loss of his 9 year old daughter and still asking that we don’t walk away from the openness that our government provides. I would like to think that Americans can and will overcome the craziness and horror of Saturday, and that we can do it without showing the hate that the likes of Krugman, The Daily Kos, Jane Fonda, and Keith Olbermann can't seem to resist. They have shown their true colors, we don't need to add anything. They have done a good job all on their own


Teresa said...

I posted on the Left's vitriol and on their trying to connect Sarah Palin and other conservatives with the shooter in order to set the record straight. But, your right their is much heroism to be grateful for and commend that are more worthwhile to talk about than battling with the Left's obsessive "shooter conspiracy syndrome".

Opus #6 said...

I agree with most of what you posted, but I would like to say that we as bloggers are well within our rights to point out how the left has politicized this tragedy. To say that we need to let the left spin their wheels and keep our mouths shut (not what you said) so as not to mess things up is not fair. Thank goodness we still have free speech in America and can criticize our government, media and fellow citizens/non-citizens as we see fit.

As always, prayers for the victims and their families.

RightKlik said...

The vitriol and the bickering about the vitriol are just excuses to avoid the real issues for a few days. They never let a crisis go to waste in that way.

Just a conservative girl said...

There are degrees, that is really my main point. Because R/K is correct, it isn't talking about the real issues at play here.

One of the things that very few are talking about is how the liberals made it so difficult for families of the mentally ill to get medical attention for their loved one. No one is talking about doing something about the stigma of mental illness in this country that makes families not to want to admit that their child is ill. If your kid had a different illness you would take them to the doctor without thinking twice about it.
Did you know that approx 40% of the homeless are mentally ill? If we did a better job of dealing with this we would be ridding ourselves of many social ills. Yet even after two major shootings and more than a dozen deaths in just a few years we are still not talking about it. We are playing the blame game instead. How in the heck are we going to actually solve the problems in this country if this is how we spend our time?

hometown guy said...

I think partisans to the extreme end of each viewpoint are trying to toss the blame back and forth, while those of us who reside somewhere in the middle aren't playing that game at all. let's not blame each other for saying the things our "leaders" are actually saying.

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