Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Retirement Train Has Started

Joe Lieberman will be announcing his retirement from the senate later today.  Upon his retirement he will have served 24 years.  He also made a bid for the presidency and was on the ticket for vice president with Al Gore in 2000. 

Lieberman has raised the ire of the left on many occasions, especially when he backed his good friend John McCain for president over Obama and his support for the war on terror.  While I have little that I agree with Lieberman on, he is an honest man who stands by his convictions. 

I don't think this makes much of difference for the dems when it comes to trying to keep hold of the senate next year, as CT is a reliably blue state. 

1 comment:

Sandy Salt said...

The Democrats will not hold on to the Senate, but the independents are going to vote against changing out the White House. We have discussed this before and I am sorry to be right. You never know miracles do happen and with the right candidate things could swing against the Joker, but with such a weak field except (Daniels & Cain) I don't see it happening. We win the Senate by 5, but the WH is still in Democrats hands.

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