Monday, January 31, 2011

Obamacare Unconstitutional Part II

The lawsuit that was filed in Florida representing more than half of the states ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.  The decision was much longer than the one from Virginia, this is 78 pages.  This specifically goes to the heart of the matter about the individual mandate.  The judge stated:

“Everyone must participate in the food market… under this logic, Congress could [mandate] that every adult purchase and consume wheat bread daily.”
This is something that conservatives have been saying since day one.  If the government can do this they can do anything.  The reality is it doesn't matter that this bill happens to be about healthcare, because if this is allowed to stand anything can be forced upon the American people through the commerce clause.  It is a very dangerous and slippery slope into a totalitarian government.  I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories or I rarely buy into overly vitriolic statements that Obama is trying to turn the US into the Soviet Union.  But, this bill gives someone who does the perfect opportunity to do so.  It is an over-reach and a violations of our individual  rights.  Does healthcare need reform?  No doubt about it.  Do we need to do more to help the working class poor to get proper coverage?  Yes.  This law is not the way to do it unless you are willing to give up your liberties.  Sorry, Nanny and Uncle Obammy, I am not.  Lets get to work and pass some laws that will actually solve the problems without giving away our freedoms. 

If you need an argument that the left can understand, Ken Cuccinelli put it best.  Imagine the uproar on the left in this country if every person was mandated to buy and keep guns in order to maintain control and protection of the state.  This is no different, it is just about healthcare, an issue that too easily manipulated to get sympathy and pull at the heart strings.  No one should die because they can't afford a doctor.  No one is saying that they should.  But, as Americans we have rights.  Those rights must be protected.  This law cannot stand, and today we took a big step in seeing that happen. 

The White House released it stament calling the ruling:

Odd and over-reaching. 
Really, the fact that you passed a law that violates our consitutional rights isn't odd and over-reaching, but the courts calling you out on it is?  That is how I define odd. 

You can read the decision here:

Vinson Ruling


The_Kid said...

This is certainly my preferred outcome and strategy to use. In the courts. Kill it dead. Drive a stake through its heart so it won't come back.

Which points to the real problem.
LBJ, imo, started this major slide into socialism. Every democrat majority since has taken us further down this road. Today, America is almost unrecognizable. I'm 58. It's almost unrecognizable to me.
The Republicans get power from time to time but don't turn back any of this activity. Eventually the Dems will get us all the way into hell.
Politicians: Don't talk to me about reducing spending, talk to me about repealing, canceling, folding, spindling, and mutilating these socialist negative return on investment programs.

The Griper said...

you need to go back farthur that lbj. you need to go back to roosevelt when he unconstitutionally passed the social security act.

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