Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some of My Favorite Tweets of the SOTU Speech

One of these is mine.  Can you guess which one? 

I hope this Bachmann response doesn't become tradition. I don't want to have to watch Bernie Sanders respond next time there's a GOP prez

Not that I didn't enjoy hearing about Ryan's kids.

So tonights summary: Obama missed the mark, Ryan missed the good old days, and Bachmann missed the camera.

"principled compromise" = his principles, GOP compromise. #NoSale

"That's why we created rules that let your bank charge you more for having a debit card." #sotu

CNN to apologize for airing Obama's "break the back" of the recession metaphor. #SOTU

RT @breeannehowe: Breaking: Couples to dance down the isle to "I Gotta Feeling" at #SOTU tonight!

Well At Least He Didn't Insult The Supreme Court
Hmm...maybe the Tea Party Express could get more funding if it were high-speed, too.
@RepPaulRyan liked your speech, but your voting record on such things such as medicare b and tarp leave me wondering about your priorities

WHoever did Michele Backmann's makeup should be fired and banned from doing TV work in the future. #sotu

lol "71% of americans weren't alive during Sputnik and might mistake it for jewish soul food" the cbs analysts


The Conservative Lady said...

Is yours the one about Bachmann missing the camera? I was wondering why they set her up to look away from the camera???

Just a conservative girl said...

No, that one is not mine; although I wish it were. That was a very quick wit.

hometown guy said...

those are all pretty good!

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