Monday, January 24, 2011

Date Night at the Capitol

Our legislators have decided to go through with the nonsense of "sitting together" at the State of Union address tomorrow evening. While I have no problem with who sits where, but why go through this farce? It is strictly symbolic and won't change a darn thing when it comes time to vote. While I am sympathetic to the lawmakers right now, as I am sure the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords has been difficult on them. It hit very close to them and they are wondering if it will happen to them.

Here are the seating arrangements for Prom Night:

Tom Coburn and Chuck Schumer

Kristen Gillibrand and John Thune

Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson (hey they are from the same state, isn't this kinda like taking your cousin?)

Kay Bailey Hutchinson was asked "out" by Kent Conrad on Sunday Morning TV.

Ben Nelson and Mike Johanns

Amy Koubacher and Jeff Sessions

Two more states have kissing cousins: Illinois and Pennsylvania

Rumor has it that Joe Lieberman will be with Susan Collins. (Will anyone even realize that they are from different parties?)

Scott Brown and Tom Carper

Scott Udall, the initiator of this idea will be taking none other than John McCain. After all, McCain is going to have to find a new democrat buddy soon as Lieberman is retiring. So, this may just be the match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your point of view).

Polls show that 75% think inter party seating is a good idea. Actually, I would like to see them get good legislation passed and forgo the semantics. But, that’s just me.


Ronald Williams said...

I absolutely detest symbolism without substance, so this sitting together garbage is disgusting and offensive to my intelligence...what a farce!!

Just a conservative girl said...

We are back to agreeing again. I can't stand it either.

Congrats on your Steelers win yesterday.

Deekaman said...

What? Why would they do that? I mean, it's kind of a private thing. What?.....Oh, sorry....SITTING together. That's different. it isn't. It's just as ridiculous.

Ronald Williams said...

Thanks!! My son and I are excited about the Super Bowl.

I woke up this morning and had to write my own little rant on this "sitting together" symbolism.

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