Friday, January 7, 2011

Quote of the Day - Harry Reid Edition

“The American people love government, but they don’t like too much politics in government”

Let me count the ways that I like the government. 

Ok, we can start with the DMV.  Boy, I just can't wait until I have to go there again. 

Then we can move onto the Post Office.  Boy, how utterly efficient they are huh?  Oh, and good with money too. 

Oh, we can't forget the IRS. 

I think we should ask New Yorkers how much they like government after their year end snow storm because they did such an excellent job cleaning the streets. 

Next, we can move onto the parents of children in failing urban schools how much they like the government. 


Lisa, An American Mom said...

What a putz. The American people love government? No, HE loves government. That is why he's a Democrat. Boy, this really sums up what is wrong with our representation in DC huh? "The American people love government."???? Sheesh.

Teresa said...

Has he gone crazy? Sure seems like it. I like a government that stays the heck out of my life as much as possible and I believe most people feel that way but Harry Reid wants government to be beside the person everywhere that he goes. Send Reid to the nut house where he belongs.

The Griper said...

a better way of saying it is that the people love this nation but has come to disrespect the State. there is a difference in the meaning between the two words yet are referring to the same country.

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