Sunday, January 16, 2011

There She is, Miss America

Teresa Scanlon was named 2011 Miss America tonight in Las Vegas.  Teresa is 17, the second youngest to ever be named Miss America. Teresa is a home schooled practicing Christian. 

Her Bio:

Teresa is the daughter of Mark and Janie Scanlan and is from Gering, Nebraska. She was born in Colton, California, and then grew up in Gering. As the middle child of seven, Teresa was homeschooled through her junior year of high school, when she attended Gering High School part-time, and then attended Scottsbluff High School full-time for her senior year, graduating from SHS in May of 2010.

After being crowned Miss Nebraska 2010 in June and becoming the youngest woman to wear the Miss Nebraska crown, she deferred enrollment to Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, where she is now set to attend in the Fall of 2011. She plans on majoring in Government: American Politics and Policy and then attending Law School to become a Trial Attorney in Criminal Prosecution. Hoping to become a judge and eventually become involved in the political arena, her highest career goals are to become President or a Supreme Court Justice. As a Christian in the political arena, she hopes to break down the stereotype of crooked and dishonest politicians, operating instead under character and integrity.

Teresa is working to promote her platform, Eating Disorders: A Generation at Risk, which is a personal issue to her because of a close friend's struggle with bulimia. She hopes to educate children and adults alike as to the signs and risks of eating disorders, as well as how and where to get help for themselves or a loved one. As a partner with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, or ANAD, and the National Eating Disorders Association, or NEDA, Teresa will advocate their cause and work to implement positive attitudinal and behavioral change across the state. Throughout her year of service, she will work to inspire adolescents to make healthy choices in every area of their life in order to be the best person they can be and to achieve their goals. She hopes to help others regain confidence in themselves and challenge them to redefine beauty, based on inner qualities rather than outward appearance. As God's children, every person is unique and incredible in every way, and should embrace who they were made to be, rather than hurting themselves in an effort to change.

I wonder if Joy Behar voted for her? 


The Conservative Lady said...

She seems like a lovely young woman and I hope she proves to be a good role model.

Opus #6 said...

Whoa, who let the conservatives out! There will be heck to pay in Hollywood when they get a look at this lovely young woman of character.

LL said...

She seemed to dodge the politically correct "world peace" answer when asked what she stood for.

I guess that it is simply too difficult to find an attractive liberal woman -- attractive inside and out -- so the judges were forced to pick a conservative lady. It seems as though they chose well.

Chris Taus said...

She deserves it. All of the competitors did. Miss Nebraska just came out on top so congratulations to her. She will be a great Miss America. As for some of these crazy racist comments they are out of place here. After many years this pageant is doing a great job with representation from all ethnicity's.

Just a conservative girl said...

Her color is not mentioned in the post or the comments.

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