Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mike Pence Running for Governor of Indiana

Mike Pence has decided against running for the GOP nomination for president next year.  Instead he will be running to replace Mitch Daniels as Governor of Indiana.  I am a huge fan of Mike Pence, so to me this is bad news, as I don't live in Indiana. 

Pence is very well known in conservative circles and is highly regarded.  I read an article earlier today that called him the consummate statesman.  I have seen him speak on several occasions and he describes himself as "I am Christian, A Conservative, A Republican; in that order".  Anyone that is in the pro life movement knows they have no better friend. 

I ran into the congressman a few weeks ago and told him that we needed him to run for president.  Shockingly, he didn't listen to me!!  Pence would have been able to bridge the gap between the republican establishment and the grassroots activists, so him not running is a big blow. 

I can understand his decision.  He will have an relatively easy time winning the governorship and the presidency will be a much bigger hill to climb.  The upside of this is of course he will have some executive experience in 5 or 9 years if he chooses to run then.  Winning the presidency from congress has only been done once, so this makes much more sense. 

The question now becomes who else can bridge the establishment and the activists?  I don't know of one.  Do you? 

This will be probably be the only time in my life that I am going to say this; I wish I lived in Indiana.  Nothing against Indiana, but I am not a heartland kinda girl, I prefer the big city urban areas. 

Good Luck to you Congressman Pence, you will be missed in the congress. 


The Conservative Lady said...

I've been waiting for Rep. Pence's decision, and I am not surprised that he has chosen to run for Governor of Indiana. He is a shoe-in. The executive experience will benefit him if he ever decides to run for President...which I hope he will some day.
I don't have a favorite for the GOP ticket, yet...I wish I did.

LL said...

I believe this is a very sound move for Mr. Pence from a political perspective and for the sake of the nation. He has a future role to play in running the nation - but THIS is not his time to push for the White House.

I think he'd make a better president than any of the Republican front runners, but he hasn't captured the national stage and he needs to have done that if he was to run in the upcoming cycle.

Just a conservative girl said...

you are correct, but I am still very disappointed. I honestly believe he was the one to get Obama out of office.

Sandy Salt said...

Sorry Girl, it will all depend on the economy and if it is better Obama wins and if it is worse the Republican wins. It is likely to be better because of the Republicans in Congress. I don't hope this happens, but if the economy tanks because of our massive debt then look to Christie, Cain, Daniels, or heaven forbid Romney for their business/governing. I absolutely hate the idea of 4 more with the Joker, but we have to change a lot of independent voter's minds.

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