Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photo of The Day - The Carsiscle

This poor man was watching his beloved Jets lose to the Steelers the other night, and the pot hole he parked near started spewing water.  The temperatures were so frigid that it froze his car solid. 

He tried using a hammer and screwdriver, but that wasn't working very well; notice the broken back window.  He had to call in sick to work while he working to remove the ice.  Luckily, the city workers that were working on the water leak had a blow torch with them and helped him get his car thawed out.  I think he has gotten enough attention so that his boss believes his story. 


LL said...

I've had the air conditioning on all day today...and mentally complained about the warm weather.

I guess things could be worse.

The_Kid said...

That happened to me in Pittsburgh in winter. I used a hammer and screwdriver but only on the door. Once in, I started it and let it run to get rid of the ice on the windows.

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