Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Strange World of Google Search

I always find it interesting to see the google searches that people use to get to my blog.  There are a great deal of sick people out there too. 

Let me try and answer some questions that I get often. 

Allen West's wife is black. (why someone cares about this is beyond me)

Yes, Rosie O'Donnell is a liberal (Seriously?  what rock have these people been living under)

There is no porn on this site.  (Most of these hits come from Muslim countries by the way)

I don't know if Sandra Bullock is a conservative nor do I care. 

Yes Jesse Jackson Jr. had an affair with a white woman.  Does that make him a race traitor?  Not to me, but since liberals think that Justice Thomas is, I would assume that they think he is.  Oh, wait since he is liberal, I guess he is just open minded about race.  I don't know, ask a liberal. 

Yes, It was Frederick Douglas who said he was a black, dyed in the wool republican. There is a comma between black and dyed.  That comma makes the difference.  I don't think he was being racist about himself. 

The tea party view on Obamacare? It sucks.  We don't like it.  Really, that simple. 

The conservative view of immigration is that if you have the legal right to come here, come on in, your more than welcome.  If you don't, get the hell out and go back to where ever it is you come from.  It has nothing to do with color, we don't want you here even if your green.  (I guess especially if you are green)

Yes, conservatives want the borders protected.  Don't you? 

Yes, cops have the right to ask for ID when they arrest someone.  If I have to show it, why shouldn't an illegal alien? 

No conservatives don't like the term undocumented worker.  If you not documented, you are not legally allowed to work.   If something is not legal, it is then illegal.  Calling someone in the country illegally an illegal alien is not racist. 

How do you ask a conservative girl out for a date?  Hmm, I would give the advice of being polite and don't expect sex on the first date. 

What are conservative girls looking for in a man?  How would I know?  We don't all think alike.  I can only tell you what I would look for, but I don't date anymore. 


LL said...

I went patiently down the list, until I hit this one...

"How do you ask a conservative girl out for a date? Hmm, I would give the advice of being polite and don't expect sex on the first date."

Ok, now I have something to comment about. Do you mean to tell me that If I buy you a meal deal at McDonalds *and* rent a video that I STILL won't get sex on the FIRST date?

---What is the world coming to?---

Just a conservative girl said...

Ok, the chances of you getting sex after taking me to McDonalds and renting a video are zero, and I mean zero.

shelley said...

that is hysterical! and i mean hysterical! i spent the last week trying to get over how according to google i suck! so this post really cracked me up, thanks for the smile!! and any ideas i'd love to hear..

Just a conservative girl said...

Who cares if google says you suck. I have read your blog and like it. What you have done help special needs families is amazing. Don't let that get to you, what do they know? Special needs families in the DC area are very grateful to you.

Opus #6 said...

Shelly, don't worry, I'm only mediocre. And my blog has been around since early 2007. So that means I suck too.

LL said...

Would I be increasing my odds if I made it White Castle and a real movie -- at a theater. (keep in mind that I prefer action movies, not chick flicks so we'd end up watching True Grit or a something like that)...

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, the movie theater just may get you a peck on the cheek. Course if you take me to White Castle I will have onion breath.

LL said...

Ok, scratch White Castle. I forgot about the onions...

BB-Idaho said...

Sounds like google has something for everyone.
Me, I just delved into breath testing for h. pylori in antibiotic treatment using carbon-14 to delineate bacterial
enzymatic decoupling of
urea into gaseous ammonia and carbon dioxide. (I like McDonalds & White Castle, though)...

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