Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome Speaker Boehner

Yesterday the 112th Congress started off with the election of Speaker John Boehner. I had the opportunity to attend a viewing party given by the NRCC, so of course I took advantage of the invite and went. The room was packed with guests from all over the country. Even with some relatives of new members that couldn't get a seat inside the chamber.

Afterwards there were receptions being held by many of the new members. Some offices were much more full than others. Tim Scott's office was so packed it spilled out into the hallway. I actually came about his office by accident because the updated office listings were not to be posted until today. So, I got to have a little chat with him. My local tea party has decided to welcome the new tea party fav's with some baking, and I went around today finding out about baked goods requests. Although, that was not all I did, but it was part of my assignment. We want the new members to feel welcome, yet we also want them to understand that we are watching.

I also went to a few other tea party favorites to say hello. Senator Rubio wins the prize for worst ever senate office. It is no better than a cubicle. It is literally across the hall from the senate stationary office in the basement. Rand Paul has not fared much better, but it is still a step up from Rubio.  I do hope that they get better digs soon.  Those offices are shameful. 

I happen to run into Congressman Pence during my travels as well. I explained to him that while I realize that he was looking for the office of Governor, we really need him to be president. I asked him nicely and even said pretty please. So I figure he will be announcing for president any day now!! In all seriousness, he would make an amazing president. If you have not read his speech given on the limits of the executive branch you should.

Without proper adherence to the role contemplated in the Constitution for the presidency, the checks and balances in the constitutional plan become weakened. This has been most obvious in recent years when the three branches of government have been subject to the tutelage of a single party. Under either party, presidents have often forgotten that they are intended to restrain the Congress at times, and that the Congress is independent of their desires. And thus fused in unholy unity, the political class has raged forward in a drunken expansion of powers and prerogatives, mistakenly assuming that to exercise power is by default to do good.

I also paid a visit to Congressman (I really like the sound of that) West, Congresswoman Bachmann, and to the new Speaker. I had an interesting run in with Congressman Sandy Levin. For those who are not aware, some of the elevators in all the congressional buildings are for "members only". Sandy must have forgotten where he was, because he wouldn't let this lady get on the elevator with him, but he was on the public elevator. I guess he didn't want to mix with the "people" who were there to support the new republican class. There was a large group of people who were all stunned by his actions. I also ran into Congresswoman Waters and she didn't seem all that pleased with all the hustle and bustle around the new republican class offices. Oh well, she will get over it.

It was a very nice day filled with way too much food and more cake than I should have allowed myself to eat. My night ended with a dinner that was given by Americans For Prosperity. There were some very interesting people there, such as Terri Christoph; one of the founders of Smart Girls Politics, Stacy McCain of The Other McCain, and some writers from Townhall.

Sadly, I didn't make it to every party that I had an invite to, but it was still a very full and happy day. The only question that I have is why did Nanny Pelosi enter the chamber after Boehner? Did she not realize that her time has now passed?

In case you missed the speech:


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