Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Down - Pence to Run for Indiana Governor

While it has not been formally announced yet, the schedule of Congressman Mike Pence leans towards him running for Indiana Governor as opposed to make a run for the presidency.  I find this to be very sad news, as I am a big fan of Mike Pence. 
But, this is also a sense of happy news as this gives him a much better chance of getting the nomination down the road.  I am hoping that there will not be a republican primary in 16, but if that does work out to be the case, he then will have executive experience. 

I am of the belief that our country has seen firsthand that not having any executive experience is not good for this country.  We need someone at the helm that understands balancing budgets and the like.  No wonder it is so hard for someone from the senate or the house to win the presidency.  Too bad we didn't stick to that during the last primary season. 

Too bad I don't live in Indiana. 

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