Monday, January 10, 2011

Video of the Day - Meghan Kelly and Pima County Sheriff

He likes free speech, but only up to a point I guess.  He won't come out and say it, but he blames the tea party.  But the real problem is that he admits that this obsession started in 2007; long before the tea party or most people knew who Sarah Palin even was. 

After hearing this it is even more reason for people to just shut up and stop trying to put the blame anywhere other than on the kid who picked up the gun.  He, and he alone, is the one who did this. 

read a great post on the little girl who died. She seems to be getting lost in all the rhetoric, which is tragic.


The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for posting this interview. I hadn't seen it. Kelly does a good job. I think the Sheriff should stop inserting his personal thoughts, too. He sounds like all of the other liberals who are trying to pin this on the Tea Party and others on the right.

hometown guy said...

I agree with you about this and i assume it goes for the Fort Hood shootings as well.

hometown guy said...

although i have to say, speaking out against violent rhetoric in general can't really be looked at as a partisan attack.

Just a conservative girl said...

Maybe not, but this went way beyond discussing violent rhetoric. This blamed Sarah Palin for the murder of six people that happened in state thousands of miles away from where she was.

There are some realities, people use the word target, that doesn't mean that you want them killed. 99.99% of people understand that. When Obama said to bring a gun to a knife fight, he was not endorsing violence. He was using flowery rhetoric. We can't spend our time worrying about the .001% and direct our speech as such. There will always be crazies.

As for Ft. Hood, he yelled allah akbar while doing the shooting, that was a pretty big clue that he is a jihadist that wanted us dead because were not Muslim. Huge difference between the two. They didn't even know the shooters name before it started. Krugman released his barrage before the name was released by about a half hour. He made an assumption that is wrong and even days later is still sticking to it. I don't see a correlation between the two, even if you do.

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